Fionn McArdle

Graphic Designer

︎Dublin, Ireland

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I'm a versatile designer who loves to create unique, impactful visual experiences through image making, editorial design, motion, and working with analog media

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Fionn McArdle
Graphic Designer


Date: Apr 2022
Type: Print, Editorial
Subject: USA Nuclear Tests

Bravo! is an archival exhibition that addresses America’s immoral nuclear testing program. The exhibition follows the United States' relationship with the Pacific Islanders and how this relationship became exploitive and inhumane. From the utopian messaging around atomic energy through the ’50s, to the harsh reality of radiation fallout, Bravo! gives insight into the story of these native Marshallese and how their beloved home became ground zero for some of the largest atom bombs ever detonated.

I designed a catalogue for the exhibition using a visual language and design treatment that explores the aspects of redaction, military documentation and propaganda.